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How to Build a Portfolio of 10 Rental Properties

June 13th, 2023 – Joe Massey & Jerrod Paterson

One of the most common goals of a property investor is to build a large portfolio and generate passive income for retirement. While we hear this goal a lot, very few investors actually achieve this goal and many end up never even buying their first property. This presentation will show you 4 different ways to acquire properties and give you a step-by-step business plan that you can use to purchase and build your portfolio. We’ll walk you through this business plan to show you how to start from scratch and build up a portfolio of 10 properties so you can retire.

00:00 What Initial Questions Do You Have?

00:58 Who is First Alliance Title?

02:49 Who is Joe Massey?

04:06 What are the most common ways to buy?

05:27 How to purchase with cash

12:16 Purchase with 15% Down

16:50 Purchase with 25% Down

21:07 Purchasing with Hard Money

30:23 Purchase a Multi-Unit as a Primary Res.

36:27 Let’s Start Buying Properties!

41:06 Property #1

43:10 Property #2

45:50 Property #3

47:17 Year #1 Review

48:50 Property #4

50:56 Property #5

54:55 Property #6

56:47 Year #2 Review

57:53 Property #7

1:00:28 Property #8

1:02:07 Take Cash Out of Your Equity

1:03:14 Year #3 Review

1:04:17 Property #9

1:09:20 Property #10

1:11:05 Year #4 Review

1:14:52 How Can Team Massey Help You?

1:16:53 How Can First Alliance Title Help You?

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